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       Kara King was born in Orlando, Fl. in March of 1980. After her parents divorced, she moved to Miami with her Mother, who had been hired to work as a costume supervisor on the hit television show "Miami Vice". Kara spent a lot of her youth in wardrobe trailers on the set of film productions… or sitting in detention. Throughout school she was constantly in trouble for talking too much and disrupting the class. It would only seem fitting that she would grow up to become a controversial and outspoken author.

          Before her writing career began, Kara was an on air personality and producer at Power 96, one of the largest radio stations in Miami. Kara held many positions throughout her radio career; she was a producer, had her own show, hosted events, and worked along side industry veterans such as DJ Laz, Kid Curry, and Al B. Sylk. She enjoyed meeting a variety of artists in the hip-hop industry such as Jay-Z, DMX, Fat Joe, Lil Jon, Uncle Luke, Ludacris, Pitbull, and many more.

        During her time at Power 96, Kara met the man who would eventually become her future husband. After three years in the industry, she left her radio career behind to begin a family and open a business with her husband. In 2005, Kara and her husband welcomed their first child. they now have four children and have been together for over 15 years.

            In 2009, Kara set out to write her first book The Power of the Pussy, a dating advice book for women that struggled with men, relationships, and dating. She felt confident that her knowledge, experience, and ideas would be beneficial to women, especially women looking for an honest, committed man in their life. In May of 2012, after much hard work, The Power of the Pussy was self published and shot straight to the best sellers list and has remained there ever since. She wrote the follow up, The Power of the Pussy – Part Two, which was released in December of 2013. 

               Kara is a strong believer in creating the life you want. It's a running theme in both of her books. She wants women to know it's okay to have high standards, set big goals, and dream big. In fact, it's a requirement for a happy life! She wants to serve as an example that with work hard and a firm believe in yourself, anything is possible. 

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